Friday, August 5, 2011

Where the Magic Happens

One of the items on my "I Will" list this year is finally getting around to furnishing and decorating our master bedroom. I say finally because it is the only room in the house (five years later) that's relatively untouched. In fact, we still have Joe's childhood furniture as our bedroom set. It's not cute furniture either. My mother-in-law is many wonderful things, but decorator she is not and this set proves it.

Given that this isn't our forever house, I'm reluctant to spend too much fixing up this room. We already made our own headboard, and I have curtains and an area rug that we're going to work with. I just ordered another set of bamboo shades from Overstock which should be in tomorrow and will hopefully go up tomorrow night.

Now it's finally time to replace our furniture. I mocked up the pieces that I want to see what the room will look like and I'm mostly happy with how it will look.

The wing chair is a piece we already had that I moved to our bedroom, the rug, headboard and bedding we already have. The side tables are going to be a replica of this Ikea rast hack, except the fronts of ours will be painted BM's Nantucket Grey (since I have a can of it from painting our basement and it matches the colors in our rug so well) and I ordered pewter pulls, since Joe hates the brass. Our main dresser will be the one investment piece in the room since it's a dresser we've had our eyes on for a while and I know we'll be able to reuse it in a future house.

That leaves the need for one tall dresser. I'm thinking of buying the Ikea Hemnes 6 drawer chest, painting it Nantucket Gray and adding some new hardware to it.

Painting Ikea furniture is certainly not a novel concept, in fact I've been saving this House Beautiful article in my bedroom inspiration file for a while now.

I wonder if this is one of those projects that sounds so much better in theory than it actually comes out? Like am I going to spend two hours (I don't have) painting a dresser, only to want to cry when I'm done? I think the flat finish lends itself to a coat of paint, but who knows...

Then all that's left is actually decorating the walls. Now let me be the first to admit that I suck at accessorizing. It's why my bookshelves in the living room are still bare 3 years later and why I only wear my wedding rings and a pair of earrings. Accessories are not my friend.

Add to that some conflicting form versus function ideas between me and the husband and I'm stumped. Starburst mirror over the bed - I love, him not so much. Pictures of the kids in the room - some say that's a romance no, no. And the great TV in the bedroom debate. The husband is a big YAY vote for the TV in the bedroom. I will admit sometimes it's nice to head upstairs and finish watching a show in bed, but I hate the look of a TV in the bedroom. I found this not-so-shabby TV in the bedroom idea on Pinterest

My problem is this would end up being the third gallery wall in our not so big house (the first being in our living room and the second being in our stairwell). Like galleries much? Sureeee do. My second issue is I'm not sure we should even have a TV in the bedroom. Between the kids and the dog who are already on rotation in and out of the room, I'm not sure we need any more distractions in there if you catch my drift.

So that is that. My goal (in August) is to have this all done by Christmas. Seriously. I'm giving myself five months to finish this very simple project, and that's possibly not even long enough :)

Where do you stand on TV's in the bedroom? Do you have one in there, does it distract you from the magic? Ha.

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