Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tomorrow on Today

So tomorrow the kids and I are filming a segment for the Today Show. The segment is about a vaccination policy at our pediatrician's office and we were asked to speak as representatives of the practice. Very exciting stuff.

What was not as exciting was picking something out of my closet to wear for this. Picking the kids' clothes was really easy, but finding something that I felt comfortable in that doesn't highlight my belly (no longer a) button or make me look pregnant was not.

I've narrowed it down to these two outfits:

The neckline of the dress makes me nervous because I'll likely have a grab happy child on my lap. The horizontal stripes on the top of the pants outfit make me nervous because, well, they're horizontal stripes. 

We were at a concert Tuesday, had family in town this week, tonight is my anniversary and filming is tomorrow, so there is (was) no time to shop. This is what I'm choosing between. What should I wear?

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