Monday, February 28, 2011

My 2011 "I Will" List

Oh well that it's basically March and I'm just now getting around to my goals for the year. I guess that means I'll have to work harder to get everything accomplished. I actually think that my list is quite manageable (albeit, long) this year.

Financial Goals

  • Put away $600 for each baby's 529 Plan
  • Pay down 20% of our mortgage (a 2010 goal that was reassigned due to the twins' birth)
  • Double our savings
House Goals
  • Finish the basement
  • Move last year's perennial garden in an effort to not fight the damn willow tree that grows like a gremlin

  • Actually furnish and decorate our master bedroom
  • Hold a garage sale, donate whatever doesn't sell to charity
Career Goals
  • Stop feeling guilty for giving up my career to stay at home with my kids

Mommy Goals
  • Remember to take pictures and videos of the babies at least weekly
  • Slow down and enjoy the little moments as crazy as they are
  • Nurse the twins for 6 months
  • Record milestones and development
  • Enroll in swim lessons and a mommy and me class and enjoy this time while they are little and everything is new
  • Get my other kids out of the freezer and give them a shot at life
Personal Goals
  • Cook at home three times per week
  • Make more time for family and friends
  • Lose my baby weight and rock a bikini in Nantucket this summer

Fitness Goals
  • Complete the C25K program and get back in running shape
  • Run one 5K, one 10K and one half marathon
  • Find road races to run with the twins
  • (starting in July) Take time for myself to spin twice a week and run with my girlfriends (sans babies) once per week
  • Run 250 miles this year

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