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We are finding so much information as we continue to explore resources available to us to help us manage Ryan's ASD diagnosis. I keep wishing there was a way that I could give the knowledge I've gleaned to other families, for whom this may help. And then I realized I am a blogger. Duh. The following is a list of resources, agencies and programs that our family has found useful as we move past the diagnosis and begin to live with Autism. Some of the resources are restricted to our local municipality, others are restricted to New York and some are national. If one of these programs is regional, be sure to explore whether something similar exists in your area. I'm sure it does. We are continually surprised by the access our family has to services. As always, feel free to email me directly if I can be of any help.


To read more about our journey, you can find posts about Ryan's diagnosis and my experiences living with autism here:

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