Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I'm wondering how long it will take her to figure out that she needs to move her arms and legs at the same time. Although, for now, her push up/wiggle wiggle wiggle dance is adorable.

I thought Ryan was going to be left in the dust, but he turned out to be a total sleeper. And if there is something that he wants to get to he tries much harder than Reese does.

I think that's probably because she can roll to get places if she gets really frustrated. There's a lot of screaming and grunting happening right now while they try to figure out how to coordinate their movements. I'm sure their immobility and desire to be mobile is contributing to the noises too.

The babies are 7 months next week and I think I can say for certain that we'll have two crawlers by month 8. I just can't figure out who'll make the first move.

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