Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On Display

My obsession with round mirrors in living rooms is no secret. But I put together our mantle over a year ago and never really loved it. Actually, truth be told, I never really decorated the mantle. I just hung a mirror and called it a day.

{ our living room as it looks today }

Now that the man cave has become the guest bedroom (I'll post pics once that's completed), I was thinking about relocating the mirror up there and taking it out of the room altogether, but with the gallery wall (another obsession, here and here) in the living room more framed pictures might be overkill. 

Then I saw this fall mantle from It's the Little Things and it made me fall in love with round mirrors in living rooms again. 

Perhaps the key is to *ahem* actually accessorize rather than replace. I have a few pictures that layer the mantel a bit more and I'm thinking that might be a nice compromise. Here are some others I've been storing away.

This living room has a photo gallery and a round, layered mirror. 
Always nice to see something can work before you try it out.

Opinions welcome!

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