Friday, March 5, 2010

Cote de Texas

Have you seen this interior design job that Joni completed?

I love everything...except for the zebra. If it's real I feel bad for the poor baby that lost his skin. If it's not real, animal print in my house just isn't my thing. Now, on my shoes or my handbags...different story.

The room was inspired by my favorite designer's house which was featured in House Beautiful. Looks familiar right? That's because that room also inspired my search for a look for less version of this chair that I talk about on this blog too much.

I finally found a suitable replacement chair for the living room (since $4000 per chair was out of the question) and I'm ridiculously happy with the choice. Now I just need to find this pattern in a wallpaper for another project altogether. Ballard has this pattern, but it only comes in green and gray. Boo.

So the search, inspired by the room from *the* designer continues.

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