Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wish List 2

If money were no object this would be my ultimate list.

Starting with the bestest camera on the market. Perfect for bliggity blogs and holiday cards and all of the photo opps in between. The hubs bought me a camera for my birthday two years ago. Except I had no input in what I got, and somehow our underwater, heavy duty, shockproof camera always ends up in his fishing bag...the camera isn't the only thing that smells fishy about that gift.

Cannon EOS Rebel XSi ($550) and Tamron Aspherical Zoom Lens ($475)

Because after all of these years of being married, my right hand is awful lonely.

Diamond Crossover Band ($850)

I've been dying over these jeans for ages, but I can't justify buying two more pair of jeans when I have a closet full of them....Okay, that's a lie. I can totally justify this purchase to myself. To my husband. Well, that's another story.

William Rast Jerri Skinny ($210) and Sadie Straight Leg ($189)

Because, as I mentioned before, I can't pick out furniture without picking the most expensive things out there. I fell in love with these long before I saw a price tag. And so now I just drool from afar.

Bristol Coffee Table in Painted Black ($1100) and the Marrakesh Lounge Chair ($2550)

A surprise trip here, here or here.

And last but not least, an Apple MacBook Pro ($1000+). Yea, yea, yea. I get it. It's just a computer. But it's a computer that makes building websites and editing photos and all the other crap I do on a daily basis seventeen thousand percent easier. So, when my Dell shits the bed, it's what I'm getting. Although the Air looks pretty awesome too...I've heard it lost too many bells and whistles to be functional though. Thoughts?

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