Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Little Bit of Living Room

Our living room chairs finally came in
we drove to Boston on Saturday to pick them up

I'm so happy
totally worth the wait.

We're still waiting on a desk
which will replace the glass and metal console table
in front of the window.

I was thinking of an armed parsons chair for the desk, 
so I borrowed an armless chair from the dining room.

Too much fabric.

I found a black Chinese chippendale chair at Home Goods
for $69 this week. I'm bringing it home today.

It may be too modern for the space though.

I also need to still replace our coffee table
which is this table from Ballard

It's too big for the space and makes everything feel crowded.
We saw this loverly table this weekend, but at 28"D
it's not much of a better option.

And I saw this table on GBGP and fell in love.
Of course it's from PB - four years ago
Oh, and it's also 32"D

Eventually I will find the perfect table
that is open and looks airy and aged.

If you can think of anything, let me know!

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