Saturday, February 8, 2014

Surviving January

I have been battling my hair ever since the twins were born. I cut it short thinking that would be easier to maintain. It's not. I grew it out thinking I'd pull it up and look cute. I don't. Finally, I invested in a curling wand. I'm cheap so this took a long time to commit to and a big coupon code helped make the decision. My hair looks like this all the time now and it's so easy. I go to bed with my hair wet. Wake up with it looking like a hot mess, wrap it a few times and bam! beach hair (in January). YESSSSS!

You'll have to believe me, since I'm not big on selfies.

The twins had their birthday party, which is one of my favorite times of the year.

Ryan started his new school. He loves riding a school bus and he's doing amazing.

Read an awesome reminder about the truths of life.

Hosted a little man themed baby shower for one of my dearest friends.

And wrapped up my first full service design client under harper + henry. Loving the work, loving the people I am working for. Life is good. 

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