Monday, February 3, 2014

Reese and Ryan Turn 3

My beautiful babies turned three years old on January 12. As Reese (and now Ryan, since he learns everything to do with talking from her) would say, "I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!" So big. Three is my favorite age yet. They are both verbal and funny. I have started journaling their little conversations so I won't forget them. The other day Ry just started busting a move in the living room. I mean the kid was shaking his moneymaker. I looked at him and started laughing and he said to me, "Ma, I dancin" with the most serious look on his face. Reese told me last week that she needs to take a trip to the moon so she can feed the puppies. Three is the best.

We taped balloons to the outside of their door again and when we heard them playing and fussing in their rooms we went and knocked and told them the door was stuck and we needed help opening it. Reese's face when all of the balloons cascaded around her little head was amazing. When I tucked her in for naps that day she told me, "I going to bed now, when I wake up you open the door and make the balloons come again, okay?" Gah, I can't take it.

After they got done playing with their balloons and then fighting over whose balloon was whose, they came downstairs to open their presents -- the each got a Lite Brite and an LED writing tablet. And then they got to open presents from their grandparents, who weren't able to make the trip back here again.

Coming off the heels of Christmas, they were bowled over at the idea of more presents. January might be their most favorite month ever.

They got pancakes for breakfast, which is their favorite and then they got to take a bubble bath in mommy's big bathtub. The total royal treatment.

Since it's just us and our kids here in this area -- no family, our celebration is pretty simple. After naps the kids had dinner and then they had a bitty birthday cakes. They discovered the joy of licking off the candles. Aaaaand they made us sing happy birthday to them each (individually) seven times, of course, with the candles relit each time. They can't see a candle now without spontaneously breaking into song.

They are finally at the stage of toddlerhood where they get holidays and birthdays and they can anticipate them. They were talking about parts of their birthday for days after we celebrated, which warmed my heart because the day was so very simple. How lucky I am that I've gotten to spend the last three years with these kiddos. I am thankful every day.

Their big party was the weekend after their actual birthday, which works out so nicely because it gives us time to celebrate them and be still. Three years old. I cannot believe it.

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