Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Saturday Strawberries

We took the twins to the all you can eat berry buffet on Saturday and they had a blast. Reese insisted on holding everyone's berry "buckets" and was very careful that no one be given more buckets than anyone else (aside from her, who was allowed to have all the buckets). Puff was much more selective about which berries she picked and she was very careful not to damage her fruit. For the majority of our time in the field, she pointed out berries that she wanted to pick and then issued the order "mommy help you" which meant that I was to "help" her pick said berry or, in other words, "Hey ma, pick that berry for me. Now."

Ryan traversed through the rows, repeatedly stepping on the strawberry plants even after being told not to. His plant trampling stood in stark contrast to his meticulous berry picking. Each time he leaned down to pick a new berry he would hold his bucket at such an angle that he would simultaneously drop ten berries out of his container and onto the ground.

{ carefully picking a berry }

{ then picking up everything that fell out of his container }

All of his berries had little smashed holes in them from when he shoved them down into his container to ensure they stayed put, which were only made worse by the amount of times he had to repick his berries up off the floor. He was so careful when he picked each one that it made his bucket of strawberry jam even more hilarious.

The twins had berry picked last year, but this time was much more fun because of their age and growing independence. We still had to enforce (over and over and over again) some basic berry rules, which makes me excited for when they are just a little older and can run amuck without really being so...amuck.

Joe wore Lola and I managed the dynamic duo. She was quite content to just hang out in the carrier and watch the big kids run and giggle. She wants to be a big kid so badly, but she's still so very tiny. Little bit mastered the art of sitting unassisted this week though, so she's about 40 percent more interesting to the big kids now. Mostly because she has some new (to her) toys that we broke out to celebrate. It's amazing some of the stuff my two year olds want to play with, and they have no problem stealing from a baby. 

Six dollars, ninety minutes and two quarts later and we were in the minivan heading home. I swear these farms should weigh my kids instead of the buckets when we get done in the fields.

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