Friday, February 8, 2013

Mo Pendants, Mo Problems

Okay friends, I need to enlist your help. We recently sent our kitchen pendants back to Visual Comfort to have them shortened. When we were building our house I had an appointment to meet our electrician at 8 a.m. to go over the lighting. When I got here our pendants were already cut and mounted and I was told "I hope you like them, because they were a bitch to put in and I'm not changing them." So I lived with them. But really they were way too long, and our electrician is a nincompoop for so many reasons related to our house and I'm fixing it now as I go.

I've been hemming and hawing about how short to take the lights. You can always make something shorter, but once the nickel is cut, well end of story. But taking them down and shipping them to Georgia and paying for custom cutting isn't exactly cheap. So...I'd like to get it right this time.

Here are the lights installed at 42" long, or 30" off the island surface, before we took them down.

Initially I was going to have them shortened to 36" (also 36" off the island surface) but now I'm not sure that's short enough. So I did what any type-a, indecisive person would do. I bought two pendants from Lowe's and installed them so I could play with the height and make a decision.

...And now we are a house divided. So, what say you, friends? The pendant on the left (which has our shade on it) at 36" long, or the pendant on the right at 33" long?

{ Joe, 6' tall, is standing on the ground in this pic }

{ Joe is standing on a stool here }

Surely my husband's favorite thing to do on a Friday night is install lights we're not keeping and play Vanna White so I can stare at home decor for hours on end. He LOVESSS it. I'll be lucky if he doesn't hit me with a pendant and bury me in the backyard before the weekend is over.

Thanks for your input!

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