Monday, February 11, 2013

New Baby Gifts: Monthly Onesies

Over the weekend my computer told me I needed to delete some files because my disk was nearly full. Is it just me or is that not the scariest thing? It's all pictures and I hate deleting them because, well, WHAT IF they didn't copy to my back-up disk correctly?! Anyway, while backing everything up I came across pictures of this project that I completely forgot about.

When my sister had Logan in December I made her some onesies to document his growth. I tried to find those belly stickers for him, but I couldn't find anything I loved and so I just did it myself. Every once in a while my need to have things be perfect serves me well.

I designed the numbers in photoshop and then flipped the image horizontally and printed them out on iron-on transfer sheets (you can buy these at any craft store).

The key is flipping the image so that when you cut out the circles and iron them onto the onesies they read correctly (otherwise you'll have to put your kid in front of a mirror to take the pics Winking Smiley ).

I bought *the cutest* bear for her. Seriously I almost kept it, especially after I got this picture back from our family photoshoot...

A few sets of onesies and a cute box later and my gift was all set.

If anyone is interested, I can upload the iron-on files to google docs later this week to make them downloadable.

Thanks for all of the feedback on our pendants over the weekend! We went with 34" -- split the difference -- and hopefully all will be right with the world (or at least our kitchen) again.

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