Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Colorful Valentine's Day

If you've been on Pinterest for a half of a milisecond, you've probably seen the pinspiration for the kids' preschool Valentine's. I'm posting this for three reasons: 1.) This is the easiest DIY valentine you could ever make; 2.) I found a free printable that makes it even cuter; and 3.) The Target dollar bins have the silicone ice cube trays right now.

{ tarjay trays }

These took about 90 minutes to make, from first crayon to last stuffed gift bag. The whole thing is super simple too. Just peel and chop crayons -- I used leftovers from our birthday party favor baskets -- put the chopped up crayons in the ice cube trays and bake at 230 degrees for 15 minutes. Let them cool and voila! heart shaped crayons. 

{ notice our kitchen pendants in pieces on the island? le sigh }

The free printable is available through The Long Thread. I opened the PDF in Photoshop to add the kids' names to the cards and to erase the center heart since I was affixing two crayon hearts (because they are valentines from two kids, of course). They print four to a sheet, and I just cut them out by hand and used zots to affix the crayon hearts. 

I stuffed the crayon cards into glassine bags I had leftover from their birthday party last year, you can find these cheaply at Michael's and Target also had some in their dollar bins too. Then I quickly printed off some name tags using leftover kraft labels and jazzed them up with another Tarjay dollar bin find, 3D heart-shaped stickers. My grand total for 11 valentines was $4. Sweet. 

And the finished product ready for their preschool party.

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