Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hot Air Balloon Party: Decorations and Details

The twins' hot air balloon party also had a bit of a rainbow theme which helped me incorporate some fun touches throughout the house. The rainbow theme was born out of the invitations I made; the rainbow chevron was a fun and colorful way to showcase the balloon invites. Of course, when I went out shopping to buy rainbow chevron scrapbook paper, I couldn't find any. My very talented friend, Rebecca, came to my rescue. Having so many colors to play off of when decorating was awesome. 

{ invites }

I put signs all around the house to help direct our guests, taking the need to stand at the door off of my shoulders. Starting with a sign on the front door telling guests to let themselves in and this sign in the entryway.

My awesome husband, who lovesssss when I get crafty, helped me bring my vision for a hot air balloon inside the house to life. We had everything needed to make this already in our house, nothing like free decorations. The twins loved that their favorite stuffed friends were "flying on balloons". Their faces when they came downstairs the morning of their party to see this were priceless. 

My wonderful friend, Lindsey, helped me bring my crazy idea to have a wall full of balloons wishing the kids a happy birthday to life. She did a fantastic job making these and she's a perfectionist after my own heart. I'm so lucky to have so many talented friends!

We made sure to have a beverage station (separate from the food) for guests big and small, since the kids' birthday is as much about celebrating their lives as it is a celebration of our survival as parents :)

I usually cook when we throw a party like this, and this year I didn't. God am I thankful that I abandoned the idea of cooking in favor of ordering party subs. I think cooking for 60 would have been the difference between feeling like I had it all together for this event and losing my mind leading up to it. The food was great (and easy!) and in the end we probably spent less than we would have if I did cook. 

What's a party without a dessert table? My friend Rebecca hooked me up with some adorable popcorn boxes and I ordered some rainbow colored candy and striped bags for our guests to take home some treats. My biggest DIY for this party was definitely the cake. 

{ help yourself to a sugar high }

What's a rainbow party without a rainbow cake? I wish I could have seen everyone's faces when I cut into it, because Joe said everyone went wild. I was too nervous that the cake was going to crumble or fall over that I didn't even pretend to look up! It was six layers, people! Oh my goodness. But it held together beautifully and tasted good to boot! 

To help keep our tiny friends entertained, I built a punch box and put out a make your own necklace station with colored beads and string. Our playroom was enough to entertain all 25 munchkins. And they all had so much fun with each other. It was really sweet to see some of my closest friends all together with all of their kids. Love. 

We made sure even our tiniest guests had favors to take home. Teddy bears with balloons for the under 1's and a hot air balloon filled with goodies for each toddler/preschooler. My friend, Lindsey, came through with some beautiful tags for our favors as well. 

Joe and I and the kids had so much fun at our own party. Reese kept running up to people and hugging them. She poured it on thick that day. She had a smile from ear to ear. Ryan made sure to show all of his friends his sweet train table and the boy literally sat in his birthday chair eating his cake for a half hour. When everyone left, our house looked as good as it did on the day we moved in, barely a mess left behind. Everyone's kids were so well-behaved and it was such a treat to have everyone here. Such a treat. 

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