Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Party People in the House

Reese and Ryan's birthday party was awesome. I don't know if you're allowed to say a party was awesome when you are the host, but it really was. Awesome. We had 60 people here of all ages and everyone had fun. No major meltdowns from the wee ones, all of the kids got along and played nicely with each other. The adults got to eat, talk, laugh, hang out and catch up. My kids were over the moon happy to have so many people here celebrating them. My in-laws came in early to help out and they were SO very helpful.

{ watching me light the candles, she yells "pop" when candles get blown out LOVE }

{ we sang to "baby A" first, he was so confused }

{ singing to Puff, the look on her face says it all }

It was a super fun (dare I say, the funnest?) way to break in the new house. What a party space we built. Everyone fit comfortably, the house was full without feeling stuffed. That made me happy too.

{ blowing out the candles }

{ we survived two years!! }

{ the birthday boy leveling his cake }

I managed to get the cake baked, decorations up and food here and still had time to shower and dress myself (no small feat!) it was really, truly a great day. I'm working on a few posts with some fun pictures of the party and my piece de resistance...THE CAKE. It's taken me a few days to recover from our soiree. I hope every party from here on out is as fun as the last one. I'm still smiling three days later.

{ cousins meeting for the first time, 
my nephew is exactly 2 months younger than Lola }

{ grandma on baby duty! }

{ happy two years love bugs, you are amazing little people! }

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