Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mini Matisse(s)

We had some finger paint left over from my wonderful mother's day gift that the babies made me, so while Joe and I set about to some yard work over the weekend, the kids painted us some beautiful pictures. I thought for sure this was something they'd do independently and run with it. Especially since they finger paint with their dinner so often :/ But they were both so apprehensive. 

So instead of doing yard work we painted with them. And by with them, I mean on them. Hey, why not? 

Reese decided that using her toes was better than using her fingers because then she could paint herself and the canvas at the same time.

{ Reese's masterpiece }

Ryan pretty much lost interest after two minutes of painting. And found an old bubble wand to amuse himself with. That lost his attention shortly thereafter and he decided to go back to playing in the dirt with his Dad. Boys are a funny breed.

After we got the kids cleaned up we took them for a walk in their cozy coupes. I forgot to bring the camera with me, but this is a (terribly colored, but oh so cute) picture that I shot right before we left. Little diva baby. I can't stand her lately, she just kills me with her little personality. She's feisty and opinionated like I am, but independent like Joe. It's an interesting combination.

Both kids fell asleep while we were pushing them in their cars. At one point Ryan slumped forward and honked the horn with his face and kept sleeping. What a riot. 

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