Thursday, May 31, 2012

Busy Bodies

Our kids (as I'm sure all kids do) need to be constantly entertained. Yes, they can sit and watch a video and play independently with their toys. But they also need to be stimulated. This toddler thing is so new to me. There are days when I'm scrambling to keep their little hands busy and their little minds entertained.

This weekend it is my mission to make them each a busy box to help with some of these rainy days where we've been stuck inside for a week and even our toys stopped being fun. I also think they'll be great to have when we have errands to run which require our kids to be independently entertained (i.e. a lot of these vendor meetings we've been dragging them off to for the new house).

I have a bazillion ideas about things to do with the kids, but I often feel limited by doing these things by myself (i.e. berry picking, our animal farms, etc.) since the kids are so determined to exercise their independence and I worry about their safety in public places. I've been trying to branch out more and just wing things. It's not always as hard as I have it built up in my head.

My friend Gina is amazing at entertaining her toddlers. The stuff she thinks up, oh my god. I want her to be MY mommy. I need to get on her page. (G, if you are reading this, I'm about to email you for help. Ha!) So, dear mommies out there, what do you do to keep your kids stimulated and learning. Stuff both inside and outside would be great. I'm in need of some serious help here.

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