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May 2011

Cheeky monkeys, May was a GARGANTUAN month for you. Oy, you got so big this month, I could hardly believe it. For starters, we were finally on a schedule. Three naps, yippie! A schedule meant that you had regular feeding times and play times too. And play we did. Since Daddy and I transitioned you to your cribs for naptime, we were pretty much done with the swings. I'm not going to lie, I cried a little when we packed your swings away. It felt like the tiny in you was disappearing.

We had baby circuit training down to a science - bouncy chairs, jumperoo, exersaucer, playmat. It was around this time that Daddy and I realized we needed more space and started finishing the basement! Ryan, Uncle Bobby put your exersaucer together when he was here visiting. And I say your exersaucer because you fell instantly and madly in love with that toy. You guys were interacting more with the hanging parts of your playmat and, much to my surprise with each other as well.

It was like all of a sudden you realized that there was another baby there. You would look at each other and laugh. Reach for each other. Hold hands. It was everything I imagined having twins would be.

By May you had started rolling too, Ryan. One day we woke up and we had two babies rolling across the room. Crazy cakes. Rolling gave you both such joy, it was like a newfound freedom and you couldn't get enough.

As I said, Uncle Bobby was here and so was Aunt Vicki! Because in May you guys were baptized. The priest that married Daddy and I performed your baptism on the same altar that we exchanged vows, which was so very special. I meticulously planned every last detail, including "the perfect outfits".

Our church did baptisms in small groups and while we were all sitting there in the church waiting to be called up to the altar for your blessing the worst thing that could happen to a white outfit happened. Ry, you poor thing, you had been backed up for a few days. Well, in the middle of service you started to grunt and turn red and we heard you push and then PHEW the smell. Oh the smell, baby, it was so bad. Daddy and I looked at one another and agreed it was probably small enough to wait until your blessing. It was almost our turn. And then you started grunting and pushing again! And another loud noise (in a very quiet church, I might add!) and another stink. Oh my god. It was BAD. And then another grunt and another red face and another stink. And by then I threw the diaper bag to Grandma and she and Daddy got up and all but ran with you out the back of the church.

Of course, exactly as they got up to leave Father Kelly called your names. I walked up to the altar with sissy and told Father Kelly that you had had a bit of an incident and he replied, "I heard". How very embarassing. Little man, you managed to completely blow out your diaper and shit up your own back. Oh it was bad. Brown on white, ass to ankle and halfway up your back. Daddy and Grandma did their best to fix you up and in the end, they covered your poop stains with a burp cloth and brought you back to the altar. If you look very closely in all of the pictures, you have a cloth against your body protecting us from your poop.

We had a wonderful party after your baptism and you got to meet a lot of your great aunts and uncles that day. It was also a very special day for me, my first Mother's Day.

{ the flowers you guys got me in my favorite color! }

I couldn't think of a better way to spend it, than throwing a party for you guys.

May in New York means it's finally stopped snowing. We took you guys outside a lot that and you loved the grass. The looks on your faces when the grass brushed your fingers and feet. Grass had never been so awesome. Daddy and I would mow the lawn twice a week with you guys strapped to us in carriers and you'd just sleep and sleep. The neighbors definitely thought we were bonkers. Two adults, wearing two babies, pushing two lawn mowers. I'm sure we were a sight.

The one thing about the weather here in the spring is that it's fairly inconsistent. And you guys were awake a lot. So we started taking daily baths and you guys were smitten from the beginning. Back then, you didn't splash and crawl and play like you do now. But you loved the bubbles and dipping your fingers and toes in the water.

Speaking of being awake a lot, Mr. Ryan, you confounded us this month. You went from sleeping through the night to waking up several times a night. We couldn't figure out what was wrong. A few weeks went by and Daddy and I were so tired. And then all of a sudden you sprouted two bottom teeth and started sleeping again, you little stinker! In all honesty, you were both teething. Constantly gnawing on your hands and drooling a ton. We just had no idea what teething looked like.

Miss Buggle, you were a perfect sleeper. And you really started to develop quite the personality. Lots of smiles and giggles. You started showing a preference for toys and objects, like Ellie (your blue elephant rattle) and the taggie blanket Grammy Jayne made you.

Toward the end of the month you guys had your first bites of real food. Reese you were a great and happy little eater right from the beginning. Ry, you had to take a lot of convincing. You carefully inspected each bite before opening your mouth, as though we were going to switch what was on the spoon on you.

Once Gracie realized that you guys would play with her and be an avenue for more food, she was hooked on you too. We were all hooked on you. You changed our lives in so many ways. All for the better.

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