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June 2011

Five months. Wowzer, babies. You were five months old. And boy did you start to get fun. Both of you started laughing this month. Not just smiling, but actually responding to something with a full on belly laugh. Daddy and I would go to great lengths to get you to laugh. You were probably laughing at the fact that you could make us dance like monkeys. 

You guys really started to interact with one another, rolling all about the room after toys. Stealing toys from one another and "wrestling".  Ryan, you also went through a phase where you sucked Reese's thumb. 

This month we also introduced you to Baby Einstein. You guys LOVED Baby Einstein (you still do!).

Ry-guy, you were still having some major trouble with nap time. You loved to sleep as long as you were in our bed or cuddling with us. Your Daddy was gracious enough to get you out of your crib in the morning and cuddle with you on the couch (notice the Ferber book on the coffee table?) Yup! We sleep trained you this month. 

It was so hard to go through that with you guys, but so worth it in the end because you are such good little sleepers now! And, of course, it helped when your teeth finally came in again!

The weather was warm and we finally got to really play outside. And boy did you guys love the change in scenery (and so did I)!

The best part about June in New York is that the mornings are still cool enough to sit outside and relax. Every weekend Daddy and I made a pot of coffee and took you guys outside with us. We'd put you in your bouncy seats and sit outside and just relax as a family. And, of course, we'd dream big dreams about all the things our life was becoming. 

Warm weather also means Daddy playing summer league lacrosse. As soon as he could Ryan, he got a stick into your hands. He was so very proud of you because you held the stick with the right grip (on your own!) and you were so happy to wear Daddy's gloves and hold his stick. He has high hopes that you and sissy will be excellent ball players some day. (Or at least just love the sport as much as he does.)

You guys were doing so well with solids that you graduated from your bumbos with their trays to actual high chairs. My goodness, thinking about it now, I can't remember a time when you weren't in a high chair! So much of our current day revolves around you eating, me cooking and me cleaning up from you eating. Ha!

{ those seats swallowed you up! }

We also went on our first family vacation. Ask your Daddy about this vacation. He'll tell you it's the vacation where Mommy threw a temper tantrum. 

Like all vacations that we take, something had to go wrong. Very, very wrong. (By they way, ask your Daddy about the time he told me we didn't need passports to go to the Bahamas...that's a good story!)

We were supposed to leave for North Carolina on a Friday on a direct flight that took off at 7:10 p.m. Perfect since that's when you guys normally got your bedtime bottle (which would help with your ears popping from the altitude) and also perfect because it meant that you would likely sleep through the entire flight.

Your grandparents came into town on Thursday to watch you guys while we packed and they also picked up Wonder Dog to take her back to the farm with them for a few weeks.

We managed to get everything on our list packed with no issues. The suitcases were just under 50 pounds each. You guys ate and napped well during the day and were running perfectly on schedule. All tell-tale signs that something was about to give!

Just before heading out to the airport I got an email from Delta alerting us that our flight had been delayed 90 minutes. Not ideal, but not the worst thing since we hadn't even left the house yet. Well...that was the first of SIX phone calls we got delaying our flight. They last call delayed our flight until almost 3 a.m. Unacceptable! Daddy called the airline while I went to grab dinner. He had me on his cell phone and the airline on the house phone. 

We were both frustrated and tired! We found out our flight was cancelled altogether until the next morning. And I did the unthinkable. I told Daddy to cancel our trip and get our money back...and he did. And then I picked up our dinner, came home and proceeded to cry my stinking eyes out. I blame postpartum hormones. Or something. Because kids, I lost my mind. I believe I uttered things like "I'm never leaving this house again" and "the world is conspiring against me" and "all I wanted was a break...A VACATION." 

Your Daddy (who deserves a medal, by the way) got on the phone with Delta, made up a fabulous story about how we got disconnected while trying to rebook our flight and managed to get us on a new flight two days later with only a minimal fee. And away we went. 

Truth be told, once we were on vacation it wasn't all that exciting. We decided we did not want to live in North Carolina (or move you guys there) which was the overall purpose for the trip. And since you guys were still little and newly on a schedule and still nursing, we hung out close to our hotel room and only left for short periods of time. I'll tell you guys, vacations with kiddies aren't at all like vacations. Ha!

Of course on our last day of vacation, Miss Reese you decided to start planking. A huge step toward mobility. Gosh you were getting so big. So BIG!

And as hard as a vacation with 5 month old twins was, Daddy and I had so much fun with you guys. We kept saying that we can't wait until you guys are older so we can take you guys cool places and show you the world. It's so fun to see things through your eyes. I feel like we really started living the day you were born. It's been an adventure ever since. 

(If, after reading this, anyone feels compelled to send my husband booze or their condolences, please email me for my address.)

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