Tuesday, January 3, 2012

April 2011

Babies, April is the month that you completely took over our house. This isn't the best picture of your momma, although I really did look that tired and haggard back then (and let's not kid, I still look like that, I am just not as puffy!) Notice all your stuff in the background. A playmat, two swings, a jumperoo and two bouncy chairs. Complete and total invasion!

Grandma came to visit and decided that you guys just had to have your jumperoo out. Of course she put it together wrong and your daddy spent two hours fixing all the mismatched parts. She's a kook sometimes, but putting that jumper together was a great idea. Thus began your love of jumping, Puff.

You guys were so small that we had to tuck blankets in the sides of the jumper and put pillows under your feet. But you loved just dangling there. My little floppy rag dolls.

When you weren't jumping, or laying on your playmats you were napping in your swings. Two swings clicking and classical music blaring. It was our thing back then. We had just started getting on a nap routine and you guys were staying awake for so much longer and starting to nap together. 

Life got a lot more interesting for us all this month when you figured out how to roll over, Puffle. It was cute to watch you struggle to turn over. You would try so very hard and your little face would be so strained. Once you nailed it you were *so* proud of yourself. It wasn't too long before you were rolling across the room. 

We celebrated your first Easter and you guys were such good sports about wearing your bunny ears. Daddy and I took you to the church we were married in for Mass and the priest was so happy to finally meet you both. You were so well-behaved during the service. Afterward we took you to our favorite spot for Easter brunch. 

You looked so perfect in your Easter outfits. I couldn't even believe only a year earlier we had to leave Mass during Easter service because it was so hard for me to see all of the mothers there with their tiny babies. You guys made every one of our dreams come true. 

By three months old you guys really started to become tiny people. You recognized our faces when you saw us, you smiled upon recognition, you looked for us as we came into and went out of a room. You were so much more alert!

More awake time in a day meant more time taking pictures of you in cute clothes. Really, it was a great time killer! Those bumbo things were the stupidest purchase ever, even for the $15 we spent on them, but they got a lot of use propping you up for your daily shoots!

While the weather was better, it was still pretty cold so sitting inside and taking pictures was really all we did with our days. That and baby circuit training. My favorite part of three months was your smiles. I was getting so tired and just when I thought I couldn't hang on another day, you both learned how to smile and it gave me enough strength to keep going. Your smiles are still the best part of my day. 

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