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March 2011

Silly little monkeys, looking through these pictures from March was a huge trip down memory lane. There comes a point in parenthood when the days start to blend together and life slows down and speeds up all at the same time. I had forgotten so many parts of this time in your life already. How is that possible?

You guys started to be a lot more awake, which meant there was a lot more time spent consoling the both of you at the same time. You didn't always cry. But there were a lot more hours in the day back then. And a LOT more laundry.

{ one day's worth of bibs and burp cloths! }

As soon as the weather broke 40 degrees we started walking outside. Our neighbors called me brave. I think what they wanted to call me was crazy. But they weren't the ones inside a living room where the walls were closing in on them with two eight week olds.

Thankfully you started to grow to a normal baby size by then Buggle. You were finally able to fit into an infant carrier, which we both loved since you always wanted to be held and I always need a set of free hands.

By March you were also fitting into tiny people clothes, which meant we had a lot of fun dressing you up and taking pictures again. You loved playing dress up from the very beginning. No matter how much you were fussing, as soon as I put you in pretty pretties you were all smiles and funny faces.

You were still struggling with colic and reflux, but by then we figured out the method to your madness. So many days/hours/minutes were spent propping you on your side and the perfect angle, playing classical music at the right volume and pushing your swing at the right speed. But girl, you finally slept and slept comfortably. I felt so guilty back then because you slept so often. I'd play with your brother and watch you sleep peacefully and I thought for sure you'd be so behind as a result. But at the end of this month you woke up. It was like magic, suddenly you weren't fussy, you weren't uncomfortable and you were so alert! And you never fell behind. Not even for a second.

{ notice you're wearing two bibs in this picture, what a mess! }

You were a Daddy's girl back then. And to some extent you still are. Whenever you were sad or tired or frightened or just fussy all you wanted was your Daddy. Just seeing him when he'd come home from work would change your whole disposition.

You had a funny little bald spot (okay, it wasn't so little) across the back of your head from sleeping so much. You had literally rubbed all of your hair away. We thought it would never grow back. How funny to look at your hair now and have to really think hard and long about that bald spot to see it again. Once you woke up, all you wanted to do was stand and practice walking. There you were at 8 and 9 weeks old, just trying to balance and move. We were in awe of you and your super baby strength.

RyRy, while sissy slept, you and I played. You were curious from the day you were born. You absolutely adored your jungle mat and we'd spend hours laying there watching the lights flicker and playing with the fuzzy animals. You were so enamored with lights and shapes that Daddy and I went out and specially bought you a mobile for your crib. The day we set it up I thought you were going to faint from excitement. I'm pretty sure you didn't blink for a whole twenty minutes.

You were the happiest, smiliest baby I had ever seen. But everything new was an enigma to you. You'd focus in on an object and examine it. Your brow would furrow and your forehead would crease. Of course, one of the things that most confused you was my camera and for the longest time everyone thought you were the most serious baby that had ever lived.

Since you were both awake so much more, but it was still very much winter outside we did baby calisthenics inside the house. We had our very own circuit in the living room and the nursery. We'd start out on the playmat, then switch to bumbos, then you'd go watch the mobile in Ryan's crib, and then we'd move to the swings. Occasionally you'd also play in your bouncy chairs.  This was our life for many, many weeks. 

I tried really hard to get you two to interact with each other then, but you really had no idea the other baby was there. Now I can't imagine a time when you weren't playing together. 

March was also the month that Gracie finally stopped hiding in our closet. I guess she finally figured that you guys were here to stay (and that you weren't so scary after all). Every once in a while she'd walk through the living room and give you both kisses. And whenever you napped she laid next to you as close as she could.

{ even if that meant laying on top of you! }

We celebrated St. Patty's Day with an impromptu photo session, that captured what life was like with the both of you quite well. Ironically, now your personalities have completely flip-flopped and you're the one that fusses Ryan!

Toward the end of the month, we took you up to Syracuse for Daddy's locker room dedication. He was so proud to hold you both in front of his locker and to show you off to all of his coaches and teammates. You attended your first lacrosse game and LOVED it. We were terrified that you'd be scared with all of the lights and the people and the noise. But you were in hog heaven.

We were starting to settle into our routine as a family of four. Not that life was more manageable. But we were actually getting used to the idea that this was our new life. It was a lot of work back then and I remember wondering if we'd ever leave the house again. I couldn't remember if I had brushed my teeth or showered. You guys were every second of my every day. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat though.

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