Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nursery Finishing Touches

Our nursery is finally complete. The last thing I was working on was art for over the dresser/changing table. After falling in love with this Nantucket drawing (and not being able to get a copy of it from the artist) I blew up the only image of it I had to poster size, mounted it on burlap and framed it. The frame was basic white MDF and I painted it to match the room.

The wall near the rocker was seeming too empty, and I was having problems finding places to put Reese's headbands and clips. Using some Martha Stewart inspiration found on Pinterest, I took an old frame that we had in the house and turned it into a bulletin board. I had Joe mount hooks on it for me so that I could hang Ry's hats and Reese's flowers.

The actual board is lined with cork, so I can pin things to it or slide items underneath the ribbon. I still have to fill the board with treasures and keepsakes. But for now, I'm happy. And the whole thing cost me less than $10 and two hours to make. YAY!

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