Friday, July 22, 2011

27 Weeks Old

I have squirmy babies. Really squirmy. If you put them on the floor they roll away. And if you put them on a chair to take their picture, they scoot down, flip over and try to roll away. Yesterday I was taking the babies' 27 week pictures for their photostream.

Reese kept scooting, flipping and rolling. I'd stop, put the camera down, readjust her, pick the camera back up - wash, rinse, repeat.

She was having none of it. She wanted to roll and she wanted to roll NOW. My constant repositioning only infuriated her. Cue the meltdown.

My kids are really into sympathy crying these days, so it wasn't long before Ryan decided to join in the fun.

I was *just* about to pick them up and console them (really, I was) when I realized how well you could see their teeth while they were crying. I've been trying to get a good picture of Ryan's teeth for weeks. And Reese just cut her first two teeth yesterday. Clearly I couldn't pass up the opportunity to freeze their tiny teeth in time.

{ see our teeth? }

The effects were cataclysmic. I mean, my kids really lost their shit. Over a picture. Of their teeth. Sheesh. So then I thought, my husband should really get to see what my day is like. Let's keep taking pictures. So I readjusted them and snapped away. 

It looks like I left them flailing for hours. I promise it was a mere 30 seconds - yup, this much fun in just 30 seconds - not all days are filled with happy babies hitting milestones. Some days are spent in diapers, others we make it to PJ's and sometimes, we get all dressed up and just cry.

{ Ryan's hand on his face - priceless }

{ doesn't she know we're seriously pissed off?
why is she still taking our picture? }

{ The babies both blow raspberries when they cry.
Here, Reese is caught mid-berry; the drool is particularly classic. }

{ are you still crying brother? Okay, good. So am I. }

{ just let me rollllllllllll }

Enjoy your weekend :)

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