Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Twins' Nursery

Please keep in mind I have a new camera that I don't know how to use, I don't know anything about the right type of light to shoot in, and I'm not able to get into many positions these days that would help make a shot look artful. In fact, I got stuck between a crib and a wall taking a few of the pictures below. Ouch! Anyway, I'm still super excited about the nursery, even if I'm not Ansel Adams!

{ the layout }

{ the starting point }

{ Closet Joe built so we'd have extra storage and each baby could have their own space. I told him what I wanted and he made it come to life. Love that man. }

{ View from the cribs looking out over the room, still waiting for a painting to come in which will go over the dresser/changing table. }

The art we're waiting on is a 30 x 40 watercolor map of Nantucket, similar to the one below. My best friend from college is an artist and sculptor (he helped create the new Harry Potter Theme Park!) and we commissioned him to create the map. I'm so excited and can't wait to see the final result. 

The babies glider is from Four Seasons Furniture. We loved that Four Seasons sells slipcovers independent of their chairs, so when this chair is no longer needed in the nursery, we can just order a new slipcover and relocate it elsewhere.  The chair is so comfortable it's ridiculous, and I can fit in it while wearing the My Brest Friend Twin Nursing Pillow (which is ginormous). The woman that helped me rework the curtains in the room made me the cute bolster pillow with some leftover crib skirt fabric I had. 

{ The Libby XL slipcovered in P. Kaufmann's Baldwin Celery fabric }

The two pictures above the glider are from my nursery when I was a little girl. Over the summer my mom dumped a bunch of memory boxes on us cause she was tired of storing them. I was going through the boxes and found these pictures. Ironically they are of a little boy and a little girl. Each was matted and framed in colors that perfectly matched the room I had planned. It was kind of eerie. 

We thought two babies required two chairs. And we were super lucky that Joe's mom offered us the rocker she used for Joe when he was a baby. Joe was born in Germany and the rocker was purchased overseas. If you look at the wood stamp underneath it says "made in Yugoslavia", making it a true antique seeing as that country doesn't even exist anymore!

{ I purchased a yard of the crib skirt fabric and had a custom cushion made. }

Their dresser and changing table was an old unfinished pine dresser I've had for literally ten years. It used to be inside my closet. We found some green stain and Joe got to work on the dresser for me. He found the cute acrylic knobs all by himself! The changing pad cover is from PB Kids, and we got super lucky that it matched the twin's sheets perfectly.

{ I think the humidifier makes the picture, don't you? 
At least it's not our diaper genie :) }

{ view from the hallway looking into the nursery }

{ View from the closet looking out at the cribs, and a good shot of the infamous "R Wall" that nearly drove me to drink. }

The babies' other dresser is an Ikea Rast 3-Drawer Chest that Joe painted. I made knock-off Anthro knobs for the dresser (since paying more for hardware than for the piece itself was out of the question). I fell in love with the Catalina Magazine Rack from PB Kids and it seems to work well here. The babies already have more books than we know what to do with!

The design for our whole nursery started with the crib skirt fabric, which I found right around our first gender scan (16 weeks). The fabric is P. Kaufmann Gypsy in Spring. It's a really beachy mix of blues, greens and coral. A wonderful company called Javis Davis made the crib skirts for us. They arrived in within two weeks of ordering, and they are gorgeous in person. The crib sheets and bumpers are from Serena and Lily's Nursery Basics line, they are the penny dot in sprout and the sprout basics bumper.

{ extreme crib close up }

So the room is ready, we've had all of the major appliances in the house serviced, changed all the batteries in the smoke detectors, bought new carbon monoxide detectors and added doors to our bookcases which previously had open shelving. Now our babies just need to COME OUT. 16 days or less (and counting)!

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