Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I See You

One of my favorite things about the babies right now is that they're starting to notice and recognize each other. They turn to face one another when they are playing on their playmats and they will watch each other from various toy stations. When they see each other they flash big toothless grins. It melts my heart when they reach for one another and, accidentally, end up holding hands.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the last week. Everyone should have a twin. Seriously.

{ Ry watching Reese playing on her jungle mat }

{ a typical day - Ryan watching Reese and Gracie watching them both }

{ Reese touching Ryan's face, I often find him sucking her thumb. LOVE. }

Reese is quite mobile these days. I have to be careful when I lay them down together or she will literally roll on top of her brother. She can spin 360 degrees while on her back and can roll back to belly and belly to back. The kid is a moving machine. I caught her using Ryan as a leg rest last week. 

They are constantly watching and observing one another. And, if they are in proximity to one another, they will grab a hold of whatever is close by. Clearly Reese wears the pants in this relationship :)

 { they laid there and chatted for about twenty minutes while touching/reaching for the toys, so freaking cool }

And one more, because it's too cute not to share. I love this face. Seriously I could just eat him up.

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