Wednesday, May 18, 2011

18 Weeks Old

It's been raining here nonstop for the last two weeks. To add insult to injury, our contractor started work on the basement (soon to be family room/kid's playroom) this week. So we have nowhere to go and it is loooooud in our house. Naps have been really fun. Hell, everything has been really fun. I've had to get creative to keep the sprouts entertained. 

Unfortunately they are at an age where their interaction with toys is somewhat limited (they can reach for things, put things in their mouths and switch a toy from one hand to another) and their waketime has greatly increased. We are down to three naps - midmorning, midafternoon and early evening. That means a lot of time where I'm juggling activities, lots of family room toy station circuit training happening. And the rain isn't helping at all

Yesterday, to kill a half hour, we took a bath. Lots of splashing going on, fun for all. And it was a perfect time to do our weekly photoshoot.

{ 18 week sprouts }

I think she gets prettier and prettier. Yes, I'm quite biased. Note her very long hairs in the front. She has about a dozen hairs all 5" or more in length all over her head. It makes her look like Cindy Lou Who. I need to figure out how to set my camera in manual so that I can capture these fine, little hairs. They are one of my favorite things about the way bug looks right now.

I seriously give these kids manicures four times a week, and he still manages to scratch the heck out of his face. It's because he's constantly putting things in his mouth and then fussing with those objects. The scratches give me crazy mom guilt. And I need to find some new toys and resources for teething babies. Sophie the giraffe isn't drawing any interest.

{ No toys to put in your mouth? Don't worry, that's why god gave you fists... }

Miss Gracie - guardian of all things small and squeaky - loves bath time. Since the babies came home, Grace has developed selective hearing. Especially when we are playing with a new toy or I am taking pictures of the babies. Here she clearly can't hear me shouting "Gracie scoot!" She was, however, able to hear me put kibble in her bowl which is in our kitchen from the upstairs closet where she spends most of her time sleeping. Funny how that hearing thing works.

{ you can be a bubble head, with Mr. Bubble }

{ love this little face so much }

Seconds before this was taken his stack of bubbles fell off his head and onto his face. Seconds after this was taken he had a complete meltdown because of the bubbles on his face and that signified the end of bath time.

I don't know what I love the most about this picture, her smooshy little face or the fact that she found a way to lay on her brother while in the tub. Whenever they are put together she finds a way to lay on him, pull on him or hold his hand. He returns the favor by sucking on whatever part of her is closest to him. Yesterday I found him trying to suck on the back of her head <3

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