Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Surviving February


Specifically the Super Control Higher Power Brief High-Waisted Panty (quite the name right?). My Cinch got too uncomfortable and was too rigid under my clothes, so I had to retire it. In its place I've been wearing these Spanx and they are a godsend. The key, for me, was buying one size smaller than the packaging said I should wear. I think this is mainly because my extra weight is distributed differently than it would normally be due to the pregnancy. 

I had my 6 week postpartum appointment yesterday and I asked my OB when I'd finally be rid of the fanny pack and he told me the protrusion is my abdominal muscles and not fat. He told me it will take months for the muscle to shrink back, but that my stomach would never be "normal" again because a multiples pregnancy, especially one with multiple placentas, stretches the body beyond reasonable limits. Given that I made it to 38.5 weeks there pretty much is no normal now but a new normal. Hearing that was somewhat disappointing. Thank god for Spanx, I guess!

I'm back in the gym and my boobs have turned into weapons of mass destruction. My girlfriend Rebecca, also a breastfeeding, running, new momma informed me about this sports bra. It's pretty affordable (under $30), comfortable, holds the girls snug - which is no easy feat these days, and the velcro adjustments allow me to nurse with it on. Not too shabby.

3. Running and Cycling

{ standing in Schroon Lake after completing my first half marathon }

Right now I'm only able to get away for an hour a week, but what a difference that hour makes. I feel so much more like me than I have in a full year. The first time I left the twins I had a bit of an anxiety attack, completely skipped my cool down and ran every light to get home. But I was SO much happier and calmer when I did get home. I love being a mommy, but it's so good to have a little piece of me back too.

4. Thanks to blog reader Colleen for cluing me into the Total Baby app for iPhone!

I usually have my phone with me when I'm nursing anyway for entertainment and this app has made it so much easier to track feeds, dirty diapers (which I just stopped tracking after their 2 month well baby!), milestones, and naps. Pretty much anything you want to keep track of about your baby, this app organizes. Total life saver for a type-a, sleep deprived mom of twins :)

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