Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Operation Twin Skin Week 3

Lost another two pounds, bringing my three week total to 34 pound lost. Thirteen left to go before I get back to where I started from (if that's not motivation to continue breastfeeding I don't know what is).

My belly button is trying to find its way home right now, it's too stretched out to actually fit in its old home. For those of you that have had babies, what does a belly button look like after its been a pancake button for so long? I think it's going to be really weird looking after this. Like maybe it won't be a button at all?

I feel like things are starting to draw back in and fall (literally) back into place. I still look quite rectangular, but there are signs that I might have a waistline again soon. I haven't been wearing my belly binder as much this week because my night sweats are so bad that I wake up and my skin hurts from the friction of sleeping and sweating. Yuck. Oh, and I finally stopped bleeding. Yahoo! I thought that would never end. How gross is postpartum life? So gross.

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