Monday, January 31, 2011

Surviving January

1. Motrin

You know those Cymbalta commercials (Where does depression hurt? Everywhere. Who does depression hurt? Everyone.) - well we've been spoofing those commercials in our house for the last few months. Where does pregnancy hurt? Everywhere. Who does pregnancy hurt? Everyone. And who knew that parenthood would hurt everywhere and everyone too? I love every second of my new life, but I am SO thankful for Motrin. 

2. The Bachelor

I didn't want to watch this season, let alone be obsessed with it. But obsessed I am. So good. I thought Brad was going to be a total douche given his Bachelor past, but he seems like a genuinely nice guy. Super hot body too, but man his face - no so much. My pick for this season is Emily hands down. My top three are Emily, Ashley S. and Lisa. Everyone always asks me who's Lisa? Exactly, she's this season's sleeper. You just watch.

3. Vanilla Caramel Cream Coffee 

My Starbucks days are over (for now) and I've set up a coffee IV line in the meantime. This flavor is SO good. It makes me love my coffee maker all over again. We have one of those grind and brew coffee makers and even the grinding process smells good. Nom nom nom.

4. Bravado Essential Nursing Tanks

I've already mentioned these once before so I apologize for the repeat endorsement but I freaking love these tanks. I only have one nursing bra and I mostly use it for when I'm pumping (I have the Medela Freestyle and it hooks onto a nursing bra). Otherwise I wear one of these tanks underneath a sweater or a long sleeved shirt or as my pajama top. It's nice because I can nurse without having my belly be exposed and the whole nursing process is much more discreet with this top. And they are so darn comfortable. The bra top is super supportive and I think it fits *better* than the wireless nursing bras I've tried on. 

Eventually I will buy some actual bra bras, but I want to give my ribcage time to shrink again and allow my milk to level out so I'm not investing in more bras that will only fit for a short period of time. I have a whole drawer full of bras that I wore and outgrew over the last ten months. Ask my BFF about these bras, last time she came over I had one on the kitchen table (klassy) and she nearly croaked at the size of it! 

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