Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Three Weeks Old

My sprouts are getting so big. I think we're going to transition them into their cribs this week. It's hard not to jump every time they make a squeak. I'm hoping that the baby monitor helps cut down on the chirping and instead I can just respond to real crying.

The original plan was to have them in the bassinet of their pack and play until they reached the weight limit (15 pounds), but the sleepless nights are starting to add up. And we're losing sleep over silly things like dropped pacis. It is really easy to have them so close to me and I think I'll miss watching them sleep, but mommy needs to get some sleep too.

The weird thing is that I feel guilty for wanting to put them in their own room. They are only going to be this small for a short time, maybe I should just soak in the ability to be so close to them or to pull them into bed with us. Maybe if I just got a good nap in I'd feel differently and I wouldn't want them to leave our room. I figure if it's too hard to have them down the hall we can always move them back to our room. Are these decisions this hard for everybody, or am I the queen of making mountains out of molehills? *sigh*

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