Sunday, June 14, 2009


We are in the process of redoing our living room. When this wall (that the TV and console are currently on) grows up it wants to be a photo gallery anchored by a lovely Lee Industries couch.

In an effort to please my wall and fulfill its deepest desires, I've been collecting inspiration photos.

Deep down I think my wall would love to become an eclectic photo gallery, but I'm afraid I'm not cool enough to make it work. I'm a bit type-a. Structured, organized, symmetric. But this is just so appealing that I may have to take a run at it and see what happens. You know, for my wall's sake.


via Home Sweet Home

Source via Urban Grace Interiors

via Simply Seleta

However, these galleries may take me less out of my comfort zone. They're not quite symmetric, but the frames and like objects make them uniform. So maybe my wall would still be happy, even if it's not quite as spunky as it wants to be?


And if all else fails, wall, there's nothing wrong with uniform symmetry. It's easy to pull off and foolproof with the right laser leveling tool. (Which is good for you, because it means less hammering and nailing in the long run.) After all, your owner is a big fraidy cat sometimes when it comes to trying new things.


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