Thursday, September 16, 2010

Maternity Pics - Yay or Nay?

Back when I was getting married boudoir pictures were all the rage. A group of acquaintances (one of which is now my bestie) and I road tripped to Virginia - lying to our fiances the entire time - for a marathon photo session. The end result was a photo book that was given to my husband the night before my wedding.

At the time I took these pictures, they were more of a gift to him (look how sexy and seductive married life can be...). Now, three years and two kids later, the photos are more of a gift to myself. I'm not lying when I tell you, you never appreciate the body you had more than while you're pregnant and uncertain as to whether you'll ever look like that again. 

Clearly these were never pictures I intended upon putting up in my house. 
But it's nice to have them tucked away.

Which brings me back to maternity pictures. In all honesty, I think these are pretty silly. They're not anything I would frame or put up in my house. But given our history, this may be my only pregnancy and maybe it would be nice to look back at this curvy, baby body some day and reflect on what it felt like to be this way. 

Our wedding photographer has been itchy to get my buddha belly in front of her camera, and given how rapidly I'm growing these days, I feel like I should make a decision soon (or I may not be able to fit in a single frame). 

So what do you think? Maternity pictures - silly trend or personal keepsake?

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