Tuesday, September 21, 2010

22 Weeks - Perfection

Yesterday we had our first OB appointment in four weeks. The babies were exactly 22 weeks along. We made it through the four week wait with no issues (although mommy had a few freak-out, "should I call, should I wait" moments). Both babies are doing amazing and we couldn't have asked for a better OB visit. Both babies are vertex which explains where all the kicks and punches are coming from lately. Let's hope they stay that way for the remainder of their stay in utero! There wasn't a single picture the ultrasound tech took that didn't have both babies in the frame. What can I say? They like to snuggle. 

They were so active that we didn't get a single good image of either of them. But I was proud of my wiggle worms and excited to show their daddy how much they move. He thinks I'm nuts every time I tell him to watch my belly to see it move!

Baby A (boy) was found to have an isolated choroid plexus cysts in his brain at our 18 week u/s. They are indicators for chromosomal disorders, primarily Trisomy 18. We declined further testing via amniocentesis and decided to just wait it out. We were told it could take months for the cysts to resolve themselves or, there was a 1 in 300 chance that our son would have Trisomy 18. We were overjoyed to find that his cysts had completely resolved themselves. 

Baby boy weighs 1.1 POUNDS (yes, pounds!) and his heart rate was 155.

Baby girl still loves to hide her face with her hands. She curls up in mommy's side now rather than my spine, which totally explains the strange mass that is the right side of my belly. She's as active as her brother now which is incredible. 

Baby girl weighs 1 POUND and her heart rate was 149.

Yes, I'm one proud mama. One proud healthy mama! 
My stats were as follows: belly is measuring 28 weeks along (my doctor said if I'm starting to feel big it's because I am. Well duh!), weight gain 23.5 pounds, heart rate 110/72. I also had my first cervical length check yesterday and my cervix is still 3cm long, thick and closed. I am so proud of my cervix today!!!

I was cleared to continue exercising (even spinning!) and activity as normal. My OB indicated that things really start to get "rough" between weeks 24 and 28 for multiples mamas, so we'll see how well I keep this up, but for now I'm elated. She was super excited to hear that I put in my notice at work and would be home starting at 25 weeks. (I'm super excited too.) 

I asked my OB what my goal is with these babies. Like am I aiming for 40 weeks and trying to get as close to that as possible? Or am I aiming for 38 weeks? She told me my next goal is 32 weeks. By 32 weeks the babies are fully formed and have everything they need to live a happy healthy life. Anything after 32 weeks she called "gravy". So now we're just working to get to November 29. I've never been more excited for Thanksgiving!

Our next appointment is at 26 weeks, we'll have another ultrasound and another cervical length check and then I believe we graduate to every other week appointments. I can't believe I'll get to meet these babies in the next 10-16 weeks. Unreal.

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