Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weeks 10 & 11: Resolution Recipes and Review

Week 10 we were in Paris so I think, as resolutions go, that gives me a bye week. Last week was an epic failure of extreme magnitude in the kitchen. Here's what we made.

This recipe only called for 3/4 tsp of salt, yet it was so salty. 
The whole thing was just yuk.

Bland and boring with a weird texture.

Needed more thousand island, and not the fat free, sugar free variety either. I mean seriously, can fat free, sugar free thousand island taste good anywhere? I don't think so. Oh, and do I really need a recipe to make a reuben? Probably not…

This just is a dish that didn't reheat well and I made it for the husband as his lunch for the week. I think he may never eat ranch anything again. He was pretty sick of it by day two. And it wasn't that good to begin with.

There was nothing quick about this dish. It tasted very heavy and there was a lot of fat that cooked off the ground lamb. Oh, and we're still burping it up a week later. FAIL.

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