Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pinch Me

Do you ever think of doing something in your home but fear it going awfully and so your fear suspends you in a limbo between what you want to do and what you're afraid to try?

We purchased Pottery Barn's Palampore drapes for our living room a while back. I love the pattern and that I can pull the drapes shut (key in the winter months when our home is getting buffeted by the wind) but I don't love how store-bought they look. Typical rod drapes with curtain hooks.

I need to hem them and I was thinking about sewing on pinch pleats, but I would ruin the curtains in the process.

Last years House and Home Showhouse done by Linda Reeves actually sourced West Elm curtains and had them dressed up with pinch pleats to look more formal.

I love it and now I'm convinced that I won't ruin our PB curtains by doing the same. Thanks Linda for the vote of confidence! Now I just have to figure out my sewing machine. Grrrr….

If you know how to sew, how did you "learn". I'm thinking this is going to be a trial and error thing, and I hate not being good at something…a lot.

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