Monday, December 14, 2009

Wish List 1

My mailbox has been bombarded by catalogs in the last week or two. I think if retailers pushed their products like this all the time, they'd do so much better year round. Cause I looked through the catalogs to seek out gifts for others and instead all I found was things I want to buy for myself.

So in honor of skipping the whole giving to others theme of Chrismas and instead just going hog wild for yourself, here's my wish list:

Everything Fits Gym Bag by Gaiam ($60) and
Skidless Yoga Mat Cover by yogitoes ($64)

Perfect for Bikram and the fact that I am a walking clusterf*ck when I go to the gym. Magazines, keys, layers of clothing, towels, bottles. I dream of looking organized and coiffed. I also dream of looking like Jessica Alba, but whatever. I think these items would help me live the dream, if only in my head.

the Intention Tank and Wrap Around Tank by Lululemon ($52)
to hold my bubbies in during inversions.

You have to be careful with bubbies,
they can easily get out of control.
Mine could poke an eye out.
Especially after all of these estrogen and progesterone supps.

Which is also why I'm wishing for
the Not So Deep V Bra by Lululemon ($42)
Me thinks a sports bra that keeps my nips in
is an impossibility.
But after all, this is a WISH list.

And so I can look adorable walking into and out of the gym
even in the Artic Circle known as my hometown
the Sport Cardi by Lululemon ($128) and the Etoile II V by Puma ($60)

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