Friday, December 4, 2009

Drumroll Please...

My husband will tell you that I have two serious problems when it comes to purchasing things for our home: 1. if it is expensive, I will find it and fall in love with it. Case in point, I was recently in a Marshall's Shoe Megastore (yes, they really exist) and I picked up a pair of black patent leather ballet flats in the CLEARANCE section. They were $199 at Marshall's. Come on.

and #2: if I really want something it suddenly ceases to exist; or it's been recently discontinued. Case in point, we lived in our house for 18 months when I decided to remodel part of our kitchen. By the time I got around to ordering the cabinets our door style had been discontinued THREE days earlier. Yup and we couldn't get them. Ordering a rug for our living room has been no different.

I fell in love with several rugs only to find out that they were thousands of dollars. And then, after three years of searching, I found the perfect rug. A Ralph Lauren broadloom carpet with the option to cut and bind the carpet as an area rug. I finally convinced the husband that it was *the one*, called a few dealers and guess what? The damn pattern was discontinued three weeks earlier. Seriously?

So I put my journalism degree to good use and with a little detective work I found the a dealer who had the carpet in stock and ON SALE and I snatched it right up. My lovely will be here in three weeks.

I'm smitten.

I even managed to snag a sample to stare at for the next few weeks until the full-size version gets here.

It's pretty perfect right?

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