Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My "I Will" List

One of my lululemon emails came in asking recipients what is on their "I will" list. I like thinking about resolutions as promises to one's self rather than a list of things that are forgotten on January 31.

Joe and I evaluate our year in September (early, I know!). We look at what we wrote down as our current year goals and compare that list to what we have actually achieved during the year. Then we make a list of what we think we can finish/accomplish before the year ends. Any unmet goals are saved for the following year. Goal setting is not always about deadlines, but about managing your life and accomplishing your dreams.

I kind of hate resolutions because people create inflexible standards that are often impossible to meet, and instead they end up feeling disappointed in themselves. Totally not the point!

My financial, house and life goals are actually our goals together. But I make my own personal, fitness and career goals each year too. For 2010 I hope when I am looking back on the year and reflecting I can be proud of what I accomplished rather than just looking ahead to see what I can achieve next.

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