Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sunday Funday

The husband is in a wedding tomorrow. Can you guess where his tux is? If you guessed locked in a dry cleaner that isn't opened on Sundays then you're right!

He just tracked down a contractor that works for the cleaners at a bar (don't ask how) and managed to get directions to the owners' house (not an address, just directions, as in turn left at the willow tree and right and the fire hydrant) and he's on his way there now, with $100 cash and a prayer that he can find the greenish-beigeish house.

I called four tux rental places, 3 of them closed at 4 p.m. today and guess what? They're not open on Sunday either. The last one is opened but cannot turn around a tux rental in 12 hours. Really? Why not?

Our only option, should my husband be unable to successfully stalk said dry cleaner store owner, is to buy another tux (so high society) and sit in the store while the pants are tailored, assuming all that they need is a cuffed hem.

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