Friday, November 6, 2009

Save the Planet in Style

When we were out in San Francisco I saw a ton of girls walking around with bags that looked like they were made out of seatbelts. Come to find out they are Maggie Bags. Maggie Bags claim to be the “Greenest” option of all because they create something new from something that is not being used, diverting materials from landfills while saving resources that would be used to make new products.

These very stylish and incredibly durable bags are made from just some of the millions of yards of seat belt webbing that would otherwise have been discarded for slight color variations (making them useless to the auto maker).

The bags are beautiful and they just release a laptop bag (LOVE) and are going to be releasing diaper bags soon. I love the idea of being a fashionable and "green" mama (now if my body would just make a baby already!)

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