Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I have issues

Spending issues that is. I can spot a ridiculously expensive item from 10 miles away and then I will covet that item for months. This is such an example of my ubiquitous ways. I spied beautiful rugs in a Cape Cod magazine (I don't remember which). Nothing too fancy just a local pub I picked up at the ferry station. This was during our trip to Nantucket LAST year. Fast forward to this year's trip when I am reminded of that rug and I email the company, Elizabeth Eakins, to find out if they offer samples and what their price points are for 9x12 area rugs. Today I got this email back... "...In regards to the Dhurrie rug pricing: the list price for a 9x12 Dhurrie ranges from $3024 (for solid) - $9180 for a custom design in a custom pattern. Padding, delivery from mill & domestic shipping charges will be additional. In regards to the Hagga pricing: the list price for a 9x12 hagga would be $6800.00. (There are over 100 colors to choose from and about a dozen patterns.) This pricing includes a pad and shipping from the mill in Sweden to our studio in Ct. Delivery to you would be additional... " I do know how to pick them. Le sigh, I really thought the rugs were pretty too!

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