Thursday, August 6, 2009

sand in my shorts

We haven't even been home long enough to unpack and my mind is already busy with where we'll travel to next. I would travel every day for the rest of my life if I could. I actually went to college to become a travel writer. Could anything be better than that? But at 21 years old I graduated and realized I didn't even have enough money to drive home let alone to fly across the world.

I think one day I'll be able to revisit my dream of going where the wind blows me.


Until then, you'll find me squirreling away every red cent we have toward the next vacation. Because I love to travel so much, the hubs suggested we mount a wall mural map and track our travels. I totally scoffed at this idea...until I saw it here and realized the idea was only tacky in my head.

The problem is where to put said map. Right now I'm thinking these ceiling tiles might come down (and perhaps get relocated elsewhere...) to make room. I've wanted to switch out the runner there for a while anyway so this might give me a reason to do so.

{ ignore the ugly, builder railing and unpainted top stair. The railing is being refinished this month and the stairs, which I stripped, were refinished while we were away! }

My goal this month is to research all of the many places I want to visit and then pick one for our next trip. I'll post my daily findings here if anyone is interested.

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