Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dining Room Dilemma

Just a few short months after painting our dining room, I'm already having issues with the color. What else is new? Just to recap we took it from this

To this
I'm repainting again at the end of the month while Joe is away at a lax tournament. I figure I can spare him another paint job. This will mean I've now painted every room in our house. Twice.
{ left: comfort gray; right: wedgewood gray }
I'm leaning toward BM's Wedgewood Gray, but a friend of mine used SW's Comfort Gray in her house and after seeing it on Erika's blog again today, I may be convinced to try it. Although I'd have BM color match the SW paint for me as I loathe SW paint. I think their formulas are way too thin and the colors don't stay true over time. Here's the anchor fabric for all things house.
What do you think? Comfort Gray or Wedgewood Gray?

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