Thursday, June 19, 2008

oh what a night

I just got off the phone with the pizza place, we farked up dinner royally. I had previously downloaded the recipe for Oprah's "favorite turkey burgers" by when Joe was helping me prep this morning he decided he wanted to cook them and forgot to saute the apples and celery, then just now when we were grilling them I forgot to tell him to spray the grill down with pam before putting the burgers on the grill. So, Gracie has a very nutritious breakfast waiting for her tomorrow and we ordered a pizza. Tonight was pretty awesome. We went to lumber liquidators and ordered our hardwood floors (which will be in next Thursday!!!) and set up a time to meet with our contractor for next week to go over the final plans for what's going to get done. Admittedly, the renovation will take us a long time as we're going to pay for it all in cash and that means we have to earn the money before we can spend it. But I am excited nonetheless. Here's a picture of the flooring we picked out. It's a lot lighter than I would've originally gone with but it matches our existing kitchen cabinets well and the boards are mixed so it's a very warm look overall. I think it will look fantastic once it's done. This picture (sadly) looks nothing like the actual flooring itself, but you get the point... Other than that I am trying to plan Joe's 30's birthday present -- his birthday is in October but this one's going to take some planning to pull off and save up for. I am *planning* on taking him on a fly fishing trip to Hardin, Montana. His birthday is over Columbus Day Weekend which works out perfectly, even if I am teaching again, because I'll have a few extra days off. So far I've found pretty reasonable flights to Montana and a great lodge to stay at once we're there. And I found a rental car company the rents out Jeep Wranglers which will be perfect for the area. I am so super excited about this because I know he's just going to die when he finds out and I SUCK at keeping secrets, so keeping this to myself for the next 4+ months is going to be really REALLY hard. I am frustrated because I want to start booking stuff now, but since I have no idea whether or not I'll be teaching in the fall, I don't know how many days I'll have or when I'll be able to leave. My interview isn't until July so I'll probably have to wait another month-ish before I know either way. I could book it based on the idea that I would be teaching, but if I don't get the job we can stay a day or two longer for very little extra money, so I'd rather wait. I have to get his parents on board with it too because they always try to see him on his birthday since his dad (also a teacher) has the long weekend and I am sure given the sheer magnitude of the big 3-0 they'll figure out a way to be here. Anyway, it's exciting and I hope I can keep my mouth shut long enough for it to stay a surprise. Pizza's here!

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