Wednesday, June 18, 2008

watching the time tick away

What is it about days like today that just suck the life right out of you? I came in at 10 a.m. even though I was dressed and ready to leave the house at 8:53 a.m. and my commute takes less than 7 minutes. Instead of diligently getting off to work, I decided to upload pictures from my friend Nicole's dress fitting that I skipped out on work to attend last Friday. Then I decided to email them to her at work. And then I waited for her to get the email so we could have an email conversation about them for 36 minutes. Then, and only then, did I leave for this amazing place.

I've now been here for 6 hours and 21 minutes and 36 seconds, but since I arrived here before my boss did I've logged that I've been here for 7 hours and 21 minutes and 36 seconds. Yes, I have no conscience. And to be perfectly honest I'd be a lot happier collecting unemployment right now, so fire me and move on.

Anyway, this day (as most days tend to be) is extremely painful. I am forcing myself to sit here until 5 p.m. which under normal circumstances I would not do, but I have to leave early on Friday for a wedding in Binghamton (which is irritating in and of itself) so I have to put in my full time (plus the extra hour I gave myself) today.

Speaking of weddings, I am irritated like hell about those things lately. The wedding we have this weekend, as I said, is in Bingo and Joe is in the wedding. By in the wedding I mean he was asked to be a reader in the wedding. So it's now three days before the wedding and he still has no idea what he's reading, he wasn't told to wear anything specific either - basically we have no idea what's going on. I know I am a type-A person, but when I was going through this all last year I had the readers' passages photocopied -- I mailed them one copy 3 weeks before the wedding so they could look it over if they so chose AND I made a copy for the church to have on the pulpit the day of, just in case the readers forgot to bring their copy.

Okay so onto why I am irritated. Because Joe is a READER we have to go to the rehearsal on Friday which is at 5 p.m. and is 3 hours away from here, which means we have to board the dog for an extra day AND pay for an extra night at a hotel. Seriously? Our readers didn't have to be at our rehearsal. So my point of this rant is that if you want him to rehearse his reading, save us the $350 and pay .10 to have a copy of the damn reading made and give it to us. I'll make sure Joe reads the damn thing over. Sorry I know I am being unreasonable. But it's a lot of money to spend for Joe to sit in a damn pew and watch them be moved around on a pulpit. Readers never rehearse their readings at these things, let's be honest here people.

11 minutes left. Slowest day ever.

I'm really excited to go to the mall tonight because I found a gift card that I forgot I had from Sephora which is basically like finding $50 in your jeans. So fun. I think Joe may throw himself from the second floor of the mall in an effort to make the pain go away. Which reminds me, one time in Syracuse some kid fell off the railing of a escalator in the mall -- fell like 3 stories -- and died (of course) it was nuts. Turns out he'd been drinking at Hooters, underage (big surprise), and decided to sit on the rail on the way down. Sad. Anyway.

7 minutes left.

We get to go to Nantucket in 3 weeks, I can't wait. It'll be Gracie's first beach trip ever. I think it's going to be a blast, although I almost ruined the whole trip! I forgot to reserve a time for us to take the ferry over, which normally isn't an issue, but this time we're taking our car over with us which apparently is a big deal. Anyway, I think it'll all work out because they have a drive on/drive off service which will allow us to take an earlier ferry over and have the car follow us later that day. If worse comes to worst we get to the island at 9 p.m. instead of 5 p.m. not great but not a deal breaker.

finally 5 p.m.

I actually have worthwhile stuff to post on here, but just not anything that would take 11 minutes to write...more on that stuff tomorrow. When I am back on here and bored to tears (as usual!)

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