Sunday, January 20, 2008


My presentation is 95% done. After all of the procrastinating that one girl can muster I finally sat down and put it together and you know what? It made me realize why and how badly I want this job. And was the right boost of confidence I needed to give myself two days before my interview. I am excited about this opportunity and I think it's the right fit for me. I think I've just been a little down because Joe's been gone and I've had too much time to think and convince myself that I am not good enough. But that stops today. My poor doggy who also misses her daddy, is sleeping on my lap and snoring. Now, when I say sleeping on my lap, you must first understand that she weighs 69 pounds. It's a wonder I can type. I think I am going to bundle up like I am going to climb Mount Everest and take her out to play. I really don't want to because it is 16 degrees outside, but she's been cooped up all weekend and I feel bad for being a sucky doggy mommy. 10 more hours till Joe gets home...

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