Saturday, January 19, 2008

going nuts

So I have read two books in two days, watched two movies, and now I am about to do the unthinkable. I am about to clean my house. Not just clean folks, because I am a clean person, but scrub. I mean hands and knees in corners that I reserve for people that I pay to clean for me, clean. I can't take being this bored. The thing about cleaning is I live with a yellow lab and a husband. Now I don't know if you live with these two things. But both are smelly, furry and gross. They leave weird things in weird places and cleaning after them is a general nightmare. I hate cleaning up after other things or people. Yes, I am selfish like that. But I can't take another second of sitting around so that's what I am going to do. And tomorrow my husband will come home and leave traces of his business trips in each of the three bedrooms in our house, then he'll dismantle the clean bathrooms, and I am sure I will find socks, or something of the like in both the living room and hallway and, oh, by the door to the garage. And I will have, as always, cleaned the house for several hours only to have it returned to its previous disheveled state within 20 minutes. This is why when I work I pay someone to clean my house. So I can love my husband and not kill him. I want to go to the gym so badly, but I am going to stay out until next Friday as told. Honestly, my knee does feel better, which is probably a sign that all this sitting around is doing me some good. My friend Nicole got a job on Friday after looking for 6 months. She's a lawyer and had passed the bar after taking it in July, but the market here is that crappy. So we are going to go out tonight and celebrate. The plan is dinner and drinks afterward. But I would prefer to just have dinner with drinks and then call it a night. I am not as young as I look (tee hee). My dog just farted and it smelled like pickle juice. That's been happening a lot lately. I wonder if she's eating something outside?!? Eww. It's really noxious. Okay I am off to go be June Clever. Eventually I will get to that powerpoint for the big

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