Monday, January 21, 2008

interview #1

Today marks interview #1 of the week. It's a phone interview with an ad agency. I was really excited about this job when I wrote my cover letter for it 3 weeks ago, but now that things have progressed so rapidly and well with this software company now I am not as excited about it. I've also stopped looking at the classifieds for now. My software interview is tomorrow and I am thinking I will know about the job by the end of this week/middle of next week...

In all honesty, I should probably continue to apply and get my resume out there, but I secretly (well the secret's out now) have put all my eggs in that basket. It's THE job I want.

In other news, I just spent 5 hours planning out my food for the week and inputting my calories into a computer and generating a specific grocery list. I don't think it will (hopefully!) take this long in weeks to come, but I am not used to this 6 mini-meals a day, so it was hard to balance eating like that with caloric intake. I wanted to be able to hit the grocery store before my phone interview, but now I would be cutting it too close, so I am just sitting around. Oh that reminds me I have to go to the dry cleaner and pick up my suit for tomorrow...

My knee hasn't hurt in about 36 hours (yes I am counting) so I think I may go back to the gym before Friday. Nothing crazy, just some treadmill walking/light jogging, stairmaster, spin class and body pump. Okay maybe that sounds like it's crazy, but aside from the spin class, for me that is taking it easy. I think as long as I don't run it should be okay!? Blah. I hate being grounded like this. That reminds me, when I was in high school my mom used to ground me from going to the gym because I was such a gym rat. That was my punishment. Funny huh? Most people had friends, I had a personal trainer...oh well.

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